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Updates and Alerts

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Stay informed directly from the City of Auburn

Citizens with emergencies should call 911. For emergency preparedness questions, call 253-876-1925.

CodeRed Emergency Alerts

CodeRed is designed to notify you in case of City emergencies and other situations which may affect you. If you are trying to report an emergency, you should always call 911. The city of Auburn is included in the Alert King County System to make sure that Auburn residents have the best emergency information possible. New users must sign up for emergency messages on the Alert King County page via the link below. Auburn Emergency Managers will use this system to share important messages with Auburn residents and businesses that have signed up for the notices.

To ensure CodeRed has the most accurate database possible, all City residents and businesses are encouraged to visit the links below and register their phone numbers and email addresses. While the system does have a very large database, your individual registration ensures that you receive information at the phone numbers and email addresses you choose, in the format you require. You may also choose to receive text messages of alerts, as well as opt-out of non-emergency messages that are sometimes used for testing. Please note that cell phone and Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) users must always register their phone numbers in order to receive messages.

In addition to phone, e-mail, and text messages, City residents may download the CodeRed Mobile App available via the App Store for iPhone and iPad or via Google Play for Android smartphone users. The mobile app delivers emergency notifications to users traveling through or visiting any CodeRed jurisdiction across the country, including Auburn.

Must have an address within the Auburn city limits to register.
Residents near the county line should consider registering on both systems.

CodeRed FAQs

1. What if I have call blocking on my phone?

If you have a caller ID service that blocks calls from unidentified numbers, you should still receive calls. All calls from the CodeRed system will be identified as coming from either ECN Community at 1-855-969-4636 (for non-emergency calls) or Emergency Comm at 1-866-419-5000 (for emergency calls).

If you use a call rejection feature on your phone service, CodeRed calls will only be blocked from your phone if you specifically add the CodeRed number to your blocked callers list.

2. Can I put my cell or VOIP phone in as a contact number?

Yes, you may register your cell or VOIP phone to be notified, using one of the methods described below.

3. Can I use more than one phone number?
Yes, you may register as many phone numbers as are associated with your address. This includes landline phones, cellular phones, and voice-over-IP phones.
4. Will I get the call if the power is out?
That depends on what type of phone you have. Our system will still place calls if the power is out. If you have only cordless phones in your home that require electricity to work, you will not receive the call. Phones that do not rely on electricity such as corded landline phones, and cellular phones, will still receive notifications.
5. What if it is a national emergency?
The system is designed to notify you of emergencies and incidents specific to the city of Auburn. If a national emergency directly impacts our residents, or you need to take specific action, the system may be used by local authorities to notify you.
6. Can I receive the call if I use a TDD/TTY for the hearing impaired?
CodeRed has the capability to send messages to a TDD/TTY machine. You must register your phone number specifically with this information however. You may do that by using one of the registration methods described below.
7. What if my answering machine picks up the call?
If your answering machine or voicemail picks up your call, the system will leave the emergency notification for you as a message.
8. Will my number be used for telemarketing purposes?
No. Your number will be used exclusively to notify you of emergencies and incidents impacting the city of Auburn. Your number will not be shared with anyone.
9. Can I remove my number from the list?
Yes, you may opt out of receiving notifications. To opt out of non-emergency notifications, visit the on-line registration link above. To opt out of emergency messages, call the City of Auburn Emergency Management Information Line at 253-876-1925. You will be required to sign and return a waiver form. If you choose not to be notified of emergencies, it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed using other information sources.
10. What types of emergencies will the system alert me about?
The system can alert you to any type of emergency impacting residents of the City of Auburn. This might include 911 outages, evacuation orders, hazardous materials spills, local Amber Alerts, water outages, and other emergencies.
11. What if my phone number is unlisted?
If your phone number is unlisted but serviced by CenturyLink (formerly Qwest), you will still receive emergency calls. If you have an unlisted number from a different provider, you must register to receive calls. If you wish to receive non-emergency messages on your unlisted number, please register using the link above.
12. How do I put my number on the list?
Use one of the registration methods listed below.
13. Can I put in a number for someone else?
Typically, you should only be entering your own phone numbers. However, you may enter the phone numbers of those who need assistance, as long as you have their permission.
14. What if my number is put in more than once? Will I receive multiple phone calls?
It is not possible for any phone number to be entered more than once. You may enter multiple phone numbers for the same address, so potentially you could receive a phone call at each number you enter, but you should never receive more than one call per number.
15. What if my phone number changes or I move?
If your phone number changes or if you move and are still inside the city limits of Auburn, you should re-register your phone number. If you move outside of the city of Auburn, but keep your same phone number, or if you wish to be removed from the system for any reason, you should contact the Emergency Management Office at 253-876-1925 and ask to be removed from the CodeRed system. You will be asked to complete a waiver form acknowledging your removal from the emergency notification system.
16. Can I register my business?
Businesses can be registered, but only if they have direct-dialed numbers that are answered by a person. Automated attendants or "phone trees" will cause the CodeRed system to disconnect the call before the message is delivered. Use one of the methods below to register your business.
17. What methods are available for registration or to opt out of the calling list?

Residents and businesses within the city limits of Auburn can make sure they receive emergency phone calls by doing one of the following:

  • Visiting the CodeRed registration online registration form
  • Completing and returning the CodeRed registration form that can be picked up at City of Auburn Customer Service Center.
  • Calling the City of Auburn's Emergency Management Office at 253-876-1925

Remember: If your phone number is not in the database, you will not be called.

To opt out, you must call the City of Auburn Emergency Management Office at 253-876-1925.

18. Who do I call if I have more questions?
Call the City of Auburn Emergency Management Information Line at 253-876-1925.