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Community Services

Connecting You To ... Your City, Your Community, Your Neighbors 

Who we are: The Community Services Division is responsible for four main areas. These include:

  1. Managing the City of Auburn's Community Development Block Grant funding. These funds come from the federal government and are used to fund the Housing Repair program and other community development projects and programs in Auburn. More information
  2. The Housing Repair Program assists Auburn's low-income homeowners with minor repairs aimed at maintaining their home and helping them stay in safe and affordable housing. More information.
  3. Human Services Division provides funding and support to service providers in the Auburn area. Staff are also able to help connect Auburn residents with needed services. More information
  4. Neighborhood Programs builds community by providing investments and programming that promote inclusive engagement, increase accessibility of local government and enhance community wellness. More information.

Auburn Community Needs Assessment

As of 2023, 

The City of Auburn is soliciting proposals from qualified consulting teams to provide professional services for a community needs assessment for human services in Auburn and projected demands over the next 5-10 years. The overall assessment will provide a picture of the existing state of human services within the City and provide analysis on gaps in services.

One electronic copy (PDF) of the Proposal Package shall be emailed to [email protected] on or before 4:00 PM, Friday, August 18, 2023 with a subject line “Proposal – Community Needs Assessment”. Questions regarding this solicitation should be directed to Jeff Tate, Director of Community Development, by email only at [email protected].

Information for the project is available on the City’s website,

In 2019,

The City of Auburn contracted with Cloudburst Consulting in to conduct a Community Needs Assessment. The overall Assessment provides a picture of the existing state of human services within the City and an analysis on gaps in services. This information supports key Human Services and CDBG efforts in the City. Read the full Needs Assessment (PDF) from 2019.


Contact the Team

If you have questions about City services, how to hold a neighborhood meeting or need help figuring out whom to talk to within the City please call the Community Services Team.

  • General office number: 253-288-3168

  • Kyla Wright, Human Services Program Coordinator at 253-931-3096

  • Joel Asbjornsen, Housing Repair Program Coordinator at 253-931-3099

  • Chris Lovings, Neighborhood Programs Coordinator at 253-876-1988