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Our regulations have been designed to help keep the beauty of our cemetery. Out of respect for everyone laid to rest here, floral arrangements and approved decorations should never impede on another grave. Our staff will remove any items that are wilted, unsightly or if they do not abide by our policies. Thank you for doing your part in helping keep our grounds a peaceful and beautiful place to visit. 

A print out of our policy is available at the cemetery office or may be emailed upon request. 


Flowers, Bouquets and Flower Receptacles

Cut flowers and bouquets are allowed all year long.  All cut flowers and bouquets must be placed in a cemetery approved vase.  Such vases shall be in a concrete or granite base, 10”-12” square.  Suitable vases will be furnished by the cemetery at a cost fixed by the City Council.  Two vases are allowed on one grave.  The cemetery has the right to remove and dispose of non-approved flower receptacles/vases. Cut flowers and bouquets will be removed from graves as soon as they become wilted or unsightly.

Damaged or Missing Flowers and Decorations

Mountain View Cemetery is not responsible for missing flowers or decorative items.  Cemetery staff will only remove wilted and unsightly flowers as well as decorations not permitted or anything that impedes the progress of normal operations.  If any decorative items are removed by staff, they will be placed in the garage area located behind the Cemetery office and may be picked up Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00AM-4:00PM.  These items will be held for 30 days only and then discarded.  Please keep in mind that flowers and decorative items could also get damaged by critters, visitors, as well as sprinkler heads during the watering season.  

Potted Plants, Artificial Flowers & Decorations

Potted plants, artificial flowers or other decorations must be less than 24” in height and are only allowed in non-mowing months, December 1 to the end of February, with the following exceptions:

  • New Burials
    All flowers, plants, easels and decorations will be allowed to remain for 72 hours following a new burial.  If you wish to retain any of these items, they must be removed within 72 hours after the interment.
  • City Observed Holidays
    From March 1st to November 30 potted plants, artificial flowers and decorations will be allowed for three days prior to the day after City Observed Holidays.  Christmas decorations are allowed the whole month of December and will be removed on the second Monday in January.

Prohibited Items

Glass vases, jars, containers of any kind. These items can break and pose a danger to visitors, staff and equipment and potentially cause serious injury.  Solar lights, fencing, trellises, rocks, statues, windsocks/chimes, ceramic items, chairs, beverage containers and objects of similar nature make it difficult to maintain the cemetery grounds and could get entangled in mowers causing damage.  Please do not place items of value on graves.  The cemetery will not be held liable for stolen/missing items.  Digging holes or planting flowers or shrubs into the ground is also prohibited.  Please use caution if placing balloons as they could potentially damage markers.


Fresh and artificial flowers are allowed. Flowers placed in niche or crypt vases should fit in the bud vase and should not impede on neighboring niches or crypts.  Holiday or special occasion decorations, such as for birthdays or anniversaries, are allowed if confined to the vase. Cemetery staff will remove these items when they become wilted or unsightly. Do not use tape, stickers or decals on the granite fronts as they become unsightly and difficult to remove.  Items other than flowers are not permitted.

Other Important Information

  • Waste receptacles are placed throughout the cemetery for your convenience.

  • Sprinklers are on a timer and will come on automatically in the evening/early morning during the summer months. Outdoor water is off during winter. Water is available at the office faucets year-round.

  • No pets are allowed outside of vehicles without a leash.

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