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Community Services

Connecting You To ... Your City, Your Community, Your Neighbors 

Who we are: The Community Services Division is responsible for the following areas:

  1. Managing the City of Auburn's Community Development Block Grant funding. These funds come from the federal government and are used to fund the Housing Repair program and other community development projects and programs in Auburn. More information
  2. The Housing Repair Program assists Auburn's low-income homeowners with minor repairs aimed at maintaining their home and helping them stay in safe and affordable housing. More information.
Contact the Team

If you have questions:

  • If you have questions regarding the Community Block Grant Funding please contact Jody Davison, CDBG Program Coordinator at 253-876-1965.

  • For Housing Repair Program questions, please contact Joel Asbjornsen, Housing Repair Program Coordinator at 253-931-3099

  • Neighborhood Programs is now a part of the Office of Equity. Visit the Neighborhood Programs webpage to learn more!