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Stormwater Management Action Planning

Auburn is committed to clean water!

The City of Auburn is participating in the Stormwater Management Action Planning (SMAP) process to address pollution from urban runoff (stormwater), the leading cause of pollution in Washington’s waterways.

How will the SMAP benefit our community?

  • Providing cleaner waterways
  • Help resolve residential flooding challenges
  • Create opportunities: new open spaces, parks, and trees for your community
  • Use City funds more efficiently by finding opportunities to combine efforts with other City departments for stormwater project implementation
  • Reflect the community’s values on water quality and inform how and where future actions are implemented

Our final SMAP report was submitted to the Washington Department of Ecology in March 2023.

View the SMAP Report (PDF). Our partner planning website will also remain available through the end of the year. The City will continue to utilize stormwater planning in our efforts to improve local waterways and address pollution issues. Future updates on our progress will continue to be reported on in this page.