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Business Inspections & Pollution Source Control

In January of 2023, the Auburn Storm Drainage Utility began a Business Site/Property Inspection Program designed to help business owners and managers prevent or reduce water pollution. This program is being implemented to comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit issued to the City by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The Stormwater Permit requires Auburn staff to inspect business sites that have a potential to pollute stormwater.  Auburn personnel will work with businesses to assess pollution management strategies, offer program literature, and recommend effective solutions to achieve compliance.

Depending on business type, there are a variety of ways to become compliant - from workplace education and awareness to structural best management practice implementation.  Auburn staff will provide recommendations upon conclusion of our initial visit.

Best Management Practices
The Stormwater Permit specifies that Auburn require the use of source control best management practices (BMPs) for pollutant generating sources associated with existing business land uses and activities. The specific BMP requirements are identified in the City of Auburn Surface Water Management Manual. These measures will help prevent discharge of pollutants to the municipal storm system, streams, rivers, groundwater, and Puget Sound.

The following BMPs are applicable to all sites.
S410 BMPs for Correcting Illicit Discharges to Storm Drains (PDF)
S453 BMPs for Formation of a Pollution Prevention Team (PDF)
S454 BMPs for Preventive Maintenance / Good Housekeeping (PDF)
S455 BMPs for Spill Prevention and Cleanup (PDF)
S456 BMPs for Employee Training (PDF)
S457 BMPs for Inspections (PDF)
S458 BMPs for Record Keeping (PDF)

Other Source Control BMPs may be applicable to your business activities.  See the list below for BMPs required for common business activities.

Best Management Practices for Business Activities
The following Best Management Practices cover activities that are common to many businesses.  These BMPs are required when the listed activity is performed by your business.

2019 SWMMWW and Auburn Supplements

For additional information about Best Management Practices required for activities specific to your business operations see the City of Auburn Surface Water Management Manual.