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The Vault Gallery

Postmark Grand Opening

A program of the City of Auburn, The Vault Gallery is one of Auburn's newest art exhibition spaces. Artists are selected through an annual application process to create art installations in a small gallery within the Postmark Center for the Arts, dedicated to immersive and/or site-specific installations. The Vault Gallery provides a $1,000 artist stipend to support the creation of new work and site-specific projects for three-month exhibitions. The Vault Gallery is located at 20 Auburn Ave, in Auburn WA 98002, within the main gallery of the Postmark Center for the Arts.

For information on this art opportunity visit our Call To Artists page.

Current Exhibition

My World in Ink 

My World in Ink

My World in Ink 
April 10th - July 13th, 2024

The City of Auburn is excited to present the work of Wol-Un in our newest site-specific art space, The Vault Gallery. Wol-Un b. 1999 (월운, 月雲) is an interdisciplinary artist born in Seattle, but currently based in Vancouver, B.C., since moving there in 2022 to study fine arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. As an artist with formative experiences in South King County, he is extremely grateful that this exhibition, My World in Ink, debuts in the Vault Gallery.

“Through My World in Ink I share how I see the world through my infatuation with the materiality of ink. My practice is strongly rooted in the cultural traditions of Korean ink painting and calligraphy. By synthesizing these centuries-old techniques with contemporary methods, through the inclusion of new motifs, unconventional compositions, and modern styles of presentation, I aim to facilitate a connection between historical visual languages, narratives, and aesthetics within the modern world.”

Wol-Un’s work will be on exhibition through July 13, 2024 and available to view during the Postmark Center for the Arts’ open hours.