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The City of Auburn Neighborhood Programs has begun utilizing Nextdoor to share various informational tid bits.

The City's Neighborhood Programs Coordinator monitors the general City of Auburn Nextdoor page to answer questions citizens have and post information regarding a variety of topics.

What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a free private social networking website and mobile app for your neighborhood. Nextdoor makes it easy to connect with your neighbors and build stronger, safer, happier places to call home.

You can use your Nextdoor neighborhood website to:

  • Find trustworthy local resources, such as babysitters, plumbers and dentists
  • Share information on suspicious activity and safety concerns with neighbors
  • Organize neighborhood events, such as garage sales and block parties
  • Get assistance to find lost pets and missing packages
  • Promote items for sale/free and inquire about items for purchase
  • Receive important updates from the City of Auburn

How does Nextdoor benefit citizens and Neighborhoods?

Each Nextdoor neighborhood website provides the following features:

  • Neighborhood map and listing of neighbors
  • Special sections that allow members to easily access specific information that matters to them, such as Crime & Safety, Lost & Found, Classifieds, Recommendations, and Free Items
  • The ability to create and communicate directly with specific groups of neighbors based on interests, such as runners, parents, or dog owners
  • A Nearby Neighborhoods feature that allows members to distribute their messages to reach other members through a customized surrounding area of Nextdoor neighborhoods
  • The ability to easily invite other neighbors as well as family and friends outside their neighborhood to join Nextdoor via email, postcards, or downloadable flyers
  • Another method of communication between Neighborhoods and the City of Auburn

The City of Auburn's Neighborhood Programs decided to join Nextdoor in order to be accessible to the residents of Auburn that were already using the Nextdoor platform in their neighborhoods. Since joining Nextdoor in December of 2015, the City has been able to share information about Block Watch, Emergency Response classes offered in Auburn, Code Enforcement concerns, citizen reporting, information regarding Citizens Academy, and more.

How do I join Nextdoor?

Joining Nextdoor is easy! If your neighborhood already has a Nextdoor website, you can join it by visiting or being invited by an existing member. You will be required to verify your address before you can join.

What if my neighborhood doesn't have a Nextdoor page?

If your neighborhood doesn't already have a Nextdoor page, you can start one! To start the process, simply visit and enter your address. Once a part of Nextdoor, you'll see posts from your neighbors as well as from the City of Auburn.

For questions please email Auburn's Neighborhood Programs Coordinator, or call 253-876-1988.