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Community Fund


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Application Form

Program Overview

The Community Fund's purpose is to support Auburn being a healthy, inclusive, and engaged community where residents have a love of place, a sense of belonging, and an ability to influence the future of the community.

It is specifically designed for communities who live, work, or go to school in the Valley and Plateau areas of Auburn. If you have ideas for a project in those communities that promotes community wellness, accessibility, inclusivity, and connectedness, you can submit those ideas to the City in between the months of January to March. The goal is to create connections between community members, their neighborhoods, and the city of Auburn. Ideas will be given by community members, the City will look at these ideas and choose ones that fit the scope of the program, and present it to the community to be voted on during the calendar year.

We are prioritizing communities of color in the Valley area of Auburn, as historically funding has not reached these communities. Therefore projects for this fund MUST promote inclusive engagement and enhance community wellness. We define wellness as community members having the chance to create relationships with each other, feeling like they are a part of a community that has a safe and inviting atmosphere for everyone, and being able to have physical, social, and mental well-being.

What are some examples of projects?

This program is meant to fund fun projects that help you as residents feel connected to where you live. Below are some concrete examples we came up with but these are just ideas, please do feel free to submit your own!

  • Community garden
  • Disaster preparedness projects
  • Rainworks - positive messages and art, created with a clear paint, that appear when it rains
  • Little Free Library - creation and installation

What are some ineligible projects?

Visit the FAQ (PDF) to learn more about ineligible projects, but here are some example ineligible projects:

  • Infrastructure projects - sidewalks, ADA ramps, speed bumps, road repair, etc. aren't eligible.
  • Projects that are for individual benefit or don’t enhance the wider community aren’t eligible.
  • Projects on private property without the owner(s) support or the support of the adjacent properties aren’t eligible. 

How can I submit a project?

Project ideas must be submitted via the application form [accessible below OR available at the Mayor's Office on the 2nd floor of City Hall or on SpeakUp Auburn (registration required). Telephone or verbal requests will not be considered.

Use the document titled "Community Fund Questions" (available in multiple languages) to guide your submission. When looking at the feasibility of projects, the answer to these questions will be taken into consideration by the City. Some basic questions to answer are:

  • What is the goal of this project?
  • Why is this project important for the local community?
  • How will this project impact the local community?
  • Who will benefit from this project?

Applications are accepted in any language. If you or someone from your community needs help filling out the application in a language other than English, please contact us to receive translation services.

Application Documents

Important Documents

Submit completed applications via mail or email :