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Facade Improvement Project Gallery

The following images and videos show the before and after condition of projects funded by the façade improvement program.

102 E Main St before

102 E Main St after
102 E Main Street - Painted lower story brick, added two doorways on west facing façade, removed awning, re-claded upper story, and retained cornice.
Time lapse of a property located at the corner of East Main and A Street SE. 
Brekke bldg before Brekke bldg after
Brekke Building (413 E Main Street) - Reskin building, added windows on south facing wall, added metal awnings.

Time lapse video of the deconstruction and construction of the Brekke Building. 
Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce before Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce after
Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce (420 E Main Street)- New paint, widened front door, new and replaced windows, exterior lighting fixtures.

Masonic Hall before Masonic Hall after
Masonic Hall (302 E Main Street) - Replaced all aluminum frame windows with original, hand milled window frames and added transom windows.
Rail Hop’n Brewery before Rail Hop’n Brewery after
Rail Hop’n Brewery (122 W Main Street)- Replaced two sets of windows with new garage door style windows.
Vinifera before Vinifera after
Vinifera (18 Auburn Way South) - Added awning with signage.

Buena Vista Apartments before Buena Vista Apartments after
Buena Vista Apartments (125 A Street NW) - Repainted building with period paint colors, added awning, and sign with wood from removed tree.

Calvo Building before Calvo Building after
Calvo Building (2 B Street SE) - Painted lower brick and added upper facade.

Driessen Building before Driessen Building after
Driessen Building (16 A Street SE) - Painted exterior, added window trim accent, painted doors.