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Tree & Bush Trimming in Right of Way

Auburn is a Tree City USA city. We value our urban forest and are committed to caring for and managing our public trees.

Impeding sidewalk passage
Bush impeding
sidewalk passage

However, if not properly cared for, growth from bushes and trees that overhang the sidewalk and street impact the use for pedestrians, drivers, school buses, street sweepers, and solid waste collection. It is essential to maintain sufficient clearance of bushes and trees adjacent to the public right of way for public safety.

Section 12.36.050 of the Auburn City Code regulates the growth of vegetation adjacent to streets within the city. It is the duty of the owner of the property wherein or whereon any such nuisances exist to abate the nuisances by destroying, removing or trimming the growth.

If you are having trouble adequately viewing oncoming traffic upon entering a street due to overgrown bushes or another obstruction in your line of sight please use the Online Reporting system to request a field visit.

Blocking sweepers or other vehicles
Blocking sweepers
or other vehicles

If vegetation obscures traffic signs or overhangs the sidewalk so that there is less than 7 feet of vertical clearance, that vegetation needs to be trimmed back by the property owner, or Homeowner Association for private streets. 

Homeowners should pay particular attention to trees and vegetation after a wind storm, snow storm or heavy rain event.

For more information on proper tree trimming and pruning, visit The Arbor Day Foundation website.

Interfering with pedestrians
Tree interfering with

See the Vegetation Management FAQ (PDF) for more information about the use of herbicides and other techniques used by the City. 

For more information on vegetation control and the Auburn City Code requirements, call 253-931-3010.