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Street Sweeping Information & Schedule

You can use the map and search tool below to find your sweeping zone and dates. Please enter your entire street address in the address search box found on the map below and press Enter on your keyboard. A popup window will point to your location and indicate your street sweeping zone number and assigned sweeping dates.  Within this popup you can also click on Printable Schedule to print your zone’s schedule.  Alternatively, you can use your mouse to click a location on the map and a popup will provide you similar information. You can zoom in and out depending on the level of detail you want to see.

The City of Auburn Maintenance & Operations Department has separated the city into 19 zones and placed the zones on a regular schedule of sweeping. This will allow our crews to more efficiently cover the identified streets and provide a consistent schedule for residents and businesses so that vehicles and other items can be moved from the street to make room for the sweeper to operate.

Street SweeperRegular sweeping of streets is conducted March to October of each year. In general, sweepers will come through the designated zones between the hours of 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM in residential areas. In business and industrial areas, sweeping begins at 4:00 AM so as not to interfere with business schedules.

City staff requests that you park your cars off the street on your scheduled sweeping day, as well as making sure your waste and recycle containers are not in the roadway. It is also recommended that trees in the public right of way near your property be properly trimmed to allow room for the sweeper to pass unobstructed.

Sweeping around parked cars requires more time and reduces the effectiveness of keeping our storm drains clear. Moving your cars will allow the sweeper to do a better job for you and your neighbors.

From October 1 through March 1 the street sweepers are not on a set schedule due to Fall/Winter weather conditions. These conditions include rain, snow, freezing temperatures, and heavy leaf accumulations. During this time period street sweepers will be sweeping as often as the weather will allow.

Sweepers will not operate during inclement weather, if a scheduled day is missed due to inclement weather or a holiday, sweeping will resume on the next regularly scheduled day.

If you have questions about the City of Auburn street sweeping operations, please call 253 931-3048.

Street Sweeping Map & Schedule (PDF)