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Street Preservation

City of Auburn Street Preservation

The Status of Our Streets (SOS) Dashboard, Interactive Map, and Funding diagrams shown below provide an overview of the City’s efforts to re-build, repair, and preserve City streets. Additional details, including program history, technical information, past annual reports and maps are available in the Programs Details Section.

Status of Our Streets (SOS) Dashboard

The City manages pavement infrastructure through two separate programs, the Arterial Streets Preservation Program and Local Streets Preservation Program. The goal for the preservation programs is to maintain the entire street network at a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Score of 70 or greater on a 1-100 basis with 100 being new pavement.  The Status of Our Streets Dashboard below shows the PCI of City streets as of the end of May 2024.

SOS Odometer  

Street Preservation Projects Map

The City replaces and preserves pavement throughout the City with projects that are shown on the interactive map below. Projects shown in future years are subject to available funding and may change depending on emerging priorities and needs.

Street Preservation Projects Interactive Map


2024 Funding Charts
SOS Funding Chart (PDF)

Street Preservation Program Background, Overview and Technical Information

State of Our Streets Reports

Save Our Street Year End Report 

Past Projects Maps