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Initial Inspection - FOG Control Plan approval process

A City of Auburn inspector will meet with the business owner to review the proposed FOG Control Plan. A walk-through of the business is conducted and any FOG concerns noted. The inspector will go through the FOG Control Plan and City requirements with the owner and explain how they relate to the particular business. Inspector will note which grease retention practices are occurring and what areas need improvement in order to come into compliance.

Routine Inspections

The FOG Control Plan and City of Auburn Code 13.22.090 allow for inspection of FOG producing facilities and may happen at any time during business hours.

A typical visit includes inspection of the kitchen hoods, grease retention devices and floor drains. Cleaning records for the kitchen hoods and the grease retention device will be examined.

The grease retention device will be checked for function, grease/sediment depths, and routine maintenance. A sample may be taken from the effluent of the grease retention device. If violations are found, a Notice To Correct will be mailed to the business owner.