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Fenster Nature Park

4th St SE Auburn WA 98002Fenster 1
12.5 acres

Park Features

  • Gravel trail
  • Interpretive signs (Coming soon!)
  • Green River access

A sandy beach located along the Green River is a popular spot for swimmers and tubers.  The beach is actually located upstream of Fenster Nature park on property owned by King County, but visitors must cross through the park in order to gain access to this area.  

Fenster is a neighborhood nature area located along a western stretch of the Green River with entrances on 2nd St SE and 4th St SE. The park allows direct access to the river. It's a great spot to bring your dog, go for a short walk, observe nature, or go fishing. Fenster was recently restored and replanted and now features a setback revetment to allow the river to carve a more naturally sloping bank over time. This will allow the spot to become an even better location to observe salmon and other species utilizing the area. The park features a short 1/3 mile long gravel trail set slightly back from the river. Park hours are dawn till dusk.

Park History

Fenster 2The northern portion of the property was acquired through a series of land acquisitions that occurred between 1994 and 2014.  The southern portion of the park was purchased in 2006 from the Fenster Family, who owned and operated a farm along the river.