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Downtown Sculpture Gallery

The City of Auburn's 2023-2024 Downtown Sculpture Gallery showcases outdoor sculptures of various sizes, types and mediums. Primarily located along Main Street, the sculpture gallery changes annually providing different artwork for Auburn residents to experience and enjoy.  Watch for new sculptures arriving annually in September.

The Downtown Sculpture Gallery was partially funded through Local Revitalization Financing funding received from the State of Washington and 4Culture King County Lodging Tax.   

Vote for your favorite sculpture to win the 2024 People's Choice Award through our online submission form!  


Check out the 2023-2024 sculptures:

Ling Cod: Out of the DepthsArtist: Dan Brown 
Title: Ling Cod: Out of the Depths
Location: 1 - at B St SW & Main

Statement: What I like best about fishing can be distilled down to three reasons. Fishing is an acceptable excuse to stop working and be outside. The feel of a fish at the end of my line makes me feel particularly alive, it pulses like a beating heart, causing mine to accelerate. The underwater world is mysterious, we never really know what is down there. Of course, in this modern age, that is not as true, but when I was a kid, it was. I love fishing in saltwater, as you never really know what marvelous fish will surface.


Artist: Nathan Robles
Title: Heavy
Location: 2 at A St SW & Main

Statement: “Heavy” is a depiction of the weight that we humans often carry throughout life. The world can seem like it’s on our shoulders, but we are people of tremendous strength and courage.

Silver SongArtistChuck Fitzgerald
Title: Silver Song
Location3 at 1st St NE & N St (Behind City Hall)

Statement: Silver Song is fabricated aluminum. It demonstrates the fascination I have with hummingbirds and their majesty of flight.

KapnekArtistJennifer Kapnek
Title: Ascending Descent
Location4 at W Main St & S Street

Statement: Jennifer Kapnek seamlessly incorporates dimensional live-edge elements into color-drenched and detailed environments that celebrate the language of nature.


ArtistMacRae Wylde
Title: Evalisa
Location5 at W Main St & S Division St

Statement: Evasila is fixed sculpture that changes form as you move around it. The word “Evasila” is derived from other simple words meaning different from every angle. Move around the outside and through the middle to see all its manifestations.

Steve Nagode Artists: Steve Nagode
Title: Swimming Salmon
Location6 at 10 E Main Street (by Trek Apartments)

Statement: Wild Salmon of the Salish Sea. Made from recycled steel fire extinguishers and welding gas tanks.

Sculpture ArtistKen Turner
Title: The Ever Dissolving Present
Location7 at E Main Street (by Trek Apartments)

Statement: The vines continue to grow as we attempt to frame each moment in time for insight and meaning.

Fire & Ice IIArtistLin McJunkin and Milo White
Title: Fire & Ice II
Location: 8 at E Main & Auburn Ave (Trek Apartments sidewalk by A Street)

Statement: This piece depicts the contrast between our wildfire-inducing and glacier-melting summers. The industrial look of the silver powder-coated transition piece highlights the role that the burning of fossil fuels for energy plays in climate change. 

AppleArtistJenny Ellsworth
Title: A'ppealing Apple
Location9 at B St NE & Main (In front of Kid Savvy)

Statement: Apples are a beautiful symbol for knowledge, positivity and love.

The ChoiceArtists: Sharon Agnor
Title: The Choice
Location: 10 at B St NE & Main 

Statement: "The Choice". Our dreams, and dreams realized, depend on the thoughtful choices we make.

CherokeeArtist: Shawn Johnson
Title: Cherokee Swan
Location11 at Auburn Way S & Main

Statement: I heard the honk first from the long-necked majestic bird traversing through the marshlands, portraying a scene of pure white. I was struck by how heavy the bird’s body was, the operatic vocals making their way from down deep & throaty, out into the bluest sky of the marsh called Cherokee.

EdMcarthyArtist: Ed McCarthy
Title: I Go Up and Down Between Landings
Location: 12 at D Street NE & Main (Across from Zola's)

Statement: I Go Up and Down Between Landings explores the relationship between people and the urban environment. The abstract human form is shaped by city objects. The sculpture is intended to inspire visitors to reflect on their place in urban dwellings while navigating the city. I Go Up and Down Between Landings represents a stairwell and handrail.  

Prehistoric Dragonfly

Artist: Leon White
Title: Prehistoric Dragonfly
Location: 13 at R St SE & 29th St SE

Statement: It was a joy searching for materials to make this giant dragonfly. One being vintage auto headlights for the curvature of the eyes. Then to have the eyes light at night via solar which makes it kind of spooky!