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Notice of Intent to Sell
The Notice of Intent to Sell form informs the City of Auburn of the building owner’s intent to sell a low-income multi-family rental building having five or more rental units, one or more of which rent at or below 80% of Area Median Income (AMI), pursuant to Auburn Municipal Code 5.23.060.

Owners are required to submit this form 60 days prior to contracting to list or advertising the building(s) for sale. 
To submit the Notice of Intent to Sell, just complete this form online.

See rent table below to determine if there is at least one unit rented at or below 80% of AMI in your complex.
*Note: Rent limits depend on whether tenant is responsible to pay all or a portion of utilities.

This requirement does not apply if:
  • The property is being transferred to family members, transferred through will, or will not be listed for sale, or
  • The property has 20% or fewer studio units, and the affordability of the studio units is the only trigger to these notice requirements.

Maximum Allowable Rents at 80% AMI

Unit Type Utilities Paid
Separately by Tenant
Max Rent
Studio None $1,545
Studio Electricity $1,530
Studio Electricity + Heat $1,515
Studio All $1,440
1 BR None $1,655
1 BR Electricity $1,635
1 BR Electricity + Heat $1,620
1 BR All $1,540
2 BR None $1,986
2 BR Electricity $1,961
2 BR Electricity + Heat $1,936
2 BR All $1,816
Unit Type Utilities Paid
Separately by Tenant
Max Rent
3 BR None $2,295
3 BR Electricity $2,260
3 BR Electricity + Heat $2,215
3 BR All $2,035
4 BR None $2,560
4 BR Electricity $2,500
4 BR Electricity + Heat $2,430
4 BR All $2,195
5 BR None $2,824
5 BR Electricity $2,734
5 BR Electricity + Heat $2,634
5 BR All $2,359