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Renting in Auburn: A Guide for Landlords Overview

The following steps are a set of guidelines for landlords to follow to be in compliance with ACC 5.23.030 - Distribution of Information Required. Distributing information to tenants is required at three different phases in the rental process.

Step 1: At the time of rental application, the landlord must provide the tenant with the website along with written rental criteria. Tenants will be able to access information about code violations, Auburn’s rental housing code, and how to register to vote

Step 2: When a rental agreement or lease is offered, the landlord must provide the tenant with a written copy of the summaries of rights and responsibilities prepared by the City in this guide: Renting in Auburn (PDF). This information must also be provided to existing tenants within thirty (30) days of being made available by the City of Auburn on October 16, 2020. The initial distribution of information to tenants must be in written form and landlords must obtain tenant’s signature documenting receipt of such information. If a tenant refuses to provide a signature documenting the tenant's receipt of the information, the landlord may draft a declaration stating when and where the landlord provided tenant with the required information. After the initial distribution of the summaries to tenants, a landlord shall provide existing tenants with updated summaries by the City, and may do so in electronic form unless a tenant otherwise requests written summaries.

Step 3: If during tenancy, a landlord must serve a tenant with a notice under RCW 59.12.030, the landlord is also required to serve the Notice of Tenant Resources (PDF) prepared by the City.

City of Auburn Building and Property Maintenance Code

Property Maintenance Standards

The City of Auburn has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC).  This code establishes basic quality of life standards that property owners must adhere to and that occupants of buildings should expect.  These standards apply to the exterior site as well as the interior of buildings.  The city uses these codes to ensure that properties do not become attractive to rodents and pests, to ensure that a site is safe, that basic water and heat are provided to occupants, and that interior spaces are not overcrowded, unhealthy, or unsafe.  

While the City has adopted the IPMC, we have done so by reference.  This means that instead of putting all of the rules into the city’s code, we instead refer to the IPMC which is a separate standalone document.  This document is updated every 3 years.

If you would like to learn more about these rules, here are some helpful resources:

The IPMC is authored and updated by the International Code Council.  The City has printed copies of the IPMC that are also available for viewing or purchase.  

Healthy Housing Standards

The City of Auburn has adopted the 2014 National Healthy Housing Standards.  The standards provide health-based measures to fill gaps where no property maintenance policy exists and also serves as a complement to the IPMC and other housing policies.  The standards outline duties and responsibilities of owners and occupants; structure, facilities, plumbing and space requirements; safety and personal security; lighting and electrical systems; thermal comfort, ventilation, and energy efficiency; moisture control, solid waste, and pest management; and chemical and radiological agents.

If you would like more information about these rules, here are some helpful resources:

  • Chapter 15.06 of the Auburn City Code;  Section ACC 15.06.010.N is where you will find the language that adopts the Healthy Housing Standards
  • The National Healthy Housing Standards are developed and maintained by the National Center for Healthy Housing

If you have received a notice regarding a code violation on your property and have questions, please contact Code compliance at 253-931-3020, option 4 or email

Downloadable Documents

  • Renting in Auburn: A guide for Landlords and Tenants (PDF): Per chapter 5.23.030, landlords are required to provide all tenants with this informational packet.
  • Notice of Resources (PDF): if providing notice to tenants, landlords are required to provide this resource page too.
  • Intent to Sell Form: if landlords are selling a complex with 5 or more units with at least one unit being affordable for tenants living at or below 80% area median income, this online form must be filled out and submitted to the City.