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RV Parking Permits
Parking an RV in the right-of-way:

Parking of recreational vehicles (RV) as defined in Auburn City Code (ACC) 10.36.020, may not be parked within the City right-of-way for a period exceeding twenty-four (24) hours, must meet all parking code requirements, and may not be occupied. See the code requirements below.

Should there be a need to park an RV for a period of up to 72 hours, the City has a permit in place available up to twice per year. Please fill out the application below with detailed information and review the following regulations addressing RV parking in the right-of-way:

ACC 10.36.191    Recreational vehicle parking.

A.    No person shall park any recreational vehicle, as defined in ACC 10.36.020, and referred to hereafter as “RV” on any public right-of-way for more than 24 hours except by permit as specified herein.

B.    No RV may be occupied overnight while parked in any public right-of-way.

C.    Repair or maintenance work on any RV is prohibited while parked in the right-of-way, pursuant to Section 10.36.270(25) ACC.

D.    Use of a generator by an RV parked in the public right-of-way shall be limited in order to comply with Chapter 8.28 ACC.

E.    Wires, hoses, cables, equipment, awnings, and other appurtenances associated with any RV shall not be allowed to be extended, set across, or placed within any portion of the public right-of-way.

F.    RV Parking Permit: The City may issue permits that allow RVs to park for up to three (3) consecutive days within any improved and open public right-of-way with the following requirements:   

  1. The permit is applied for, and issued to, an applicant who is the property owner or lawful occupant, directly adjacent to, and on the same side of the public right-of-way as the location where the RV is to be parked.  
  2. The RV is parked such that it complies with all other City and State parking laws and regulations.
  3. A permit may not be issued for the same RV or the same property location more than two (2) times in any twelve (12) month period.
  4. No more than one permit may be in effect at any time for applicant(s) of the same address. 
  5. Repair or maintenance work on the vehicle is prohibited while parked in the right-of-way, pursuant to Section 10.36.270(25) ACC.
  6. The vehicle must meet all licensing requirements, pursuant to Section 10. 36.205 ACC.
  7. The permit must identify the property location adjacent to which the RV is to be parked, and must identify the RV by license plate number.

G.    Permits issued under this Chapter may be revoked at any time by the City.

H.    The penalty for parking in violation of this section shall be a fine of $250.00 per violation, in addition to other costs and assessments provided by law. A violation of this section shall be considered a parking infraction and shall be processed in accordance with the state statutes, court rules and city ordinances regarding parking infractions. Each calendar day during which a violation occurs shall constitute a separate infraction, and each instance when a recreational vehicle or trailer parks at a location in violation of this section shall be a separate violation. RVs parked in violation of this section are subject to impoundment pursuant to ACC 10.36.360.

It may take up to three (3) business days to review the permit application. Approval is not guaranteed.

3 Day RV Parking Permit Application

For more information about RV parking permit, please email [email protected].

Parking an occupied RV on private property:

Should there be a need to park an RV on private property, occupied overnight, please follow the below requirements.

Parking on private property must meet the following code requirement:


On a residential property that already has a permitted single-family residence, the use of one recreational vehicle for temporary living when not associated with active construction of a single-family dwelling shall be allowed for not more than 15 calendar days in any calendar year; provided, that the director may grant extensions utilizing the provisions of ACC 18.46A.100(B) for up to an additional 15 days. Use of one recreational vehicle on a property with a single-family residence for more than 15 calendar days in any calendar year, plus an additional period of up to 15 days if extended by the director, shall be considered prima facie evidence of being detrimental to the neighborhood. Recreational vehicles that are utilized for temporary living shall be registered with the city of Auburn, without fee, prior to starting in order to monitor compliance with the 15-day limitation(s).