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Specialized Recreation

Specialized Recreation Programs are for individuals with special needs - anyone who requires extra assistance or support, including but not limited to people with physical or developmental disabilities. People with disabilities are NOT limited to these programs. For more information call Auburn Parks, Arts and Recreation at 253-931-3043.

The Auburn Specialized Recreation Programs offer a variety of events and activities to individuals with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities.  These programs offer recreational, educational, enrichment, and social opportunities.  We also offer year-round sports programs, competitions, and tournaments.   For additional information please contact the Auburn Community and Event Center at 253-931-3043 and ask to be placed on our Specialized Recreation Mailing List.  

Individuals must pre-register for all programs through the Auburn Community and Event Center, 910 9th Street SE, Auburn, WA 98002, by calling 253-931-3043 to register using VISA/MasterCard/Discover/American Express, or registering online through Auburn at Play On-line.

Classes and Trips - Classes and trips provide social and recreational activities for individuals with and without disabilities. Everyone is welcome to attend classes and trips. Transportation is provided for trips unless otherwise noted.

Sports Programs - Team sports are for athletes with developmental disabilities who are ready to play on a team with the skills and abilities necessary. Competition with other athletes of the same age and/or ability levels are part of the team experience. Unified Sports and Inclusive Opportunities provide understanding, disability awareness, and integration between athletes with special needs and partner athletes without disabilities. Equal number of athletes and partners are combined to create teams of similar abilities. Unified Sports is dedicated to improving understanding and breaking down the barriers between persons with and without disabilities. The Individual Skills program teaches basic skills necessary to play a team sport. Every sport has basic skills that are building blocks for more complex movements and coordination. The program is designed for individuals with developmental disabilities of the same ages and abilities to still participate while learning the basic skills and concepts of the sport.

Sports Programs are offered for youth, teens, and adults for all abilities ages 8 and up. Sport options vary each season.

Fee Waivers and Adult Scholarships
Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a recreational experience, even if money is a major concern. You must reside within the Auburn city limits to qualify. Please be prepared to provide proof of residency and income verification for the past three months. Contact us for more information and an application form.