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Auburn Environmental Park

413 Western Avenue NW
16.84 acres plus
190.91 acres of open space
Designated in 2004

Park FeaturesAuburn Environmental Park 4

  • Wetland Mitigation Areas
  • Bird tower
  • 1,200 foot elevated boardwalk with interpretive signs
  • Picnic tables

The Auburn Environmental Park (AEP) has been divided into open space areas and special use areas.  The special use area of the AEP is located in the southern portion of the park.  Here visitors will find a birding tower and an elevated boardwalk through a large wetland area.  The boardwalk extends north from West Main Street to the birding tower, which located off of Western Ave NW.  An information kiosk, picnic tables and a parking area are also located off of Western Ave. NW.

The Boardwalk Trail is located within the Auburn Environmental Park (AEP) just a few minutes from downtown Auburn. The 1/4 mile boardwalk trail allows you to walk a portion of the beautiful 250 acre wetland park with views of marshy fields and Auburn wildlife. The trail head starts near the Bird and Wildlife Viewing tower on Western Ave NW, and winds through the wetland ending on West Main Street.  Be sure to take your camera to capture photos of the Dragonflies, hummingbirds, salamanders, Marsh Wrens, Blue Herons and more that call the Auburn Environmental Park home. The trail also features picnic tables, benches and several educational signs along the way for those who want to learn a bit more about the Auburn Environmental Park and the critters within it. 

Auburn Environmental Park 1

Park History

In 2004 City Council passed a resolution expressing interest in the Environmental Park Project.  The formation of the AEP was made possible through a number of land acquisitions between 1996 and 2014, which resulted in a permanently protected area 207 acres in size. 

Project Area

The AEP is an approximately 120-acre area that is bounded by 15th Street NW to the north, the Interurban Trail to the east, West Main Street to the south and State Route 167 to the west. An additional 120-acre area west of SR 167 that encompasses a segment of Mill Creek is also being studied for possible future inclusion in the AEP.

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