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How To Make a Complaint

Citizens are encouraged to bring forward questions and complaints regarding the actions of department employees. These questions and complaints will be thoroughly and impartially investigated. While most complaints are investigated internally, Human Resources oversees each step ensuring all investigations are fair and impartial.

There are several ways for citizens to bring these issues to the department’s attention.

  1. Fill out the online Complaint Form.
  2. Visit the police department and ask to speak to the commander or supervisor on duty.
  3. Call the police department at 253-931-3080 and ask to speak to the commander or supervisor on duty.
  4. Write to the Inspectional Services Commander at the police department at 340 East Main Street, Ste. 201, Auburn, WA 98002.

Maintaining the trust of our fellow citizens is a prime concern to all of our employees.

The Auburn Police Department classifies issues brought to our attention in one of two ways:

    Questions about a police policy, procedure or tactic used by an employee.
    Complaints about actions, which if true would be misconduct.

The citizen and employee are kept informed of the status of the issue and are notified of the results of the investigation or review.

Employees who commit misconduct are disciplined according to city and department policy and procedure, labor contracts, civil service rules and state law.

The Auburn Police Department is dedicated to having the finest employees possible protecting our citizens. We are committed to maintaining and expanding the trust our citizens place in us. We will investigate all issues completely and fairly.

The objectives of this process are to:

  1. Protect the public
  2. Protect the employee
  3. Train employees
  4. Correct Policy or Procedure problems
  5. Hold employees accountable for their actions