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Citizens Academy

The Citizen's Academy consists of interactive classes that start on August 27, 2024 and run for 12 consecutive weeks, culminating with a graduation ceremony on November 19. 

Each class starts at 6:00 PM and is approximately 90-120 minutes. Classes are free!

Participants meet once each week to learn about and interact with Police Department employees, everyone from the Chief of Police to detectives and even our beloved K-9’s.

Class Topics are:

  • Patrol Operations
  • Introduction to Investigations (Both Property Crimes and Persons Crimes)
  • Bicycle Unit
  • DUI/Traffic Enforcement
  • Search and Seizure case law
  • SWAT operations
  • Hostage Negotiations
  • Police Response to Resistance(use of force)
  • Chaplains and Officer Wellness programs
  • Animal Control
  • Public Information Office
  • K9 training and deployments
  • Vehicle Pursuits
  • Community Engagement Programs
  • Special Investigations Unit (Drug crimes, gun crimes, high violent offenders)
    Some topics may change based on personnel available to teach throughout the program.

We encourage all of your questions and seek to provide an environment where the community can become not only better engaged with our agency but more knowledgeable about the inner workings of law enforcement. There is a lot going on these days and public education and collaboration is a continued desire of the Auburn Police Department.

After attending a minimum of 8 classes you will be scheduled for a ride-along with one of our officers based upon your schedule. You MUST attend 9 of the 12 sessions in order to graduate at the end. If you cannot commit to this, please hold off on signing up and come back for the next Citizen's Academy when your schedule is more free.

Applicants must pass a background check prior to being admitted to the class. 

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If questions, please contact [email protected].