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CP1603 – Coal Creek Springs
CP1603 – Coal Creek Springs Transmission Replacement Project Mitigation

Description of Proposal: Addendum to previously issued Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) SEP20-0015, to include the incorporation of mitigation upstream from the project site. The mitigation will be in the form of large woody material added to the left (south) bank of the White River, approximately one mile upstream. The mitigation will be located within the Natural Shoreline designation. The proposed mitigation is being voluntarily added to the project in response to public comments from the original DNS. The original project included the construction of a new pedestrian bridge and waterline that would cross the White River at Game Farm Park and Game Farm Wilderness Park. 

Applicant & Property Owner:            
Seth Wickstrom, PE, Project Engineer
City of Auburn
25 W Main Street
Auburn, WA 98001
[email protected]

Brooke O’Neill, PWS, Senior Biologist
Jacobs Engineering Group
1100 112th Ave NE, Suite 500
Bellevue, WA 98004

Project Location: 
The project is located over the White River at Game Farm Wilderness Park, 2401 Stuck River Dr., Auburn, WA, King Co. Parcel No. 2921059069. The location of the off-site mitigation associated with the project is located one mile upstream from this location along the left bank of the White River at King County Parcel 2821059007.

Studies/Plans Submitted with Application:
Revised Environmental Checklist (PDF), prepared by City of Auburn, Public Works Department, dated June 15, 2022
Preliminary Civil Plans (PDF), prepared by Jacobs Engineering Group, dated May 13, 2022
Cultural Resources Report (PDF), prepared by Jacobs Engineering Group, dated April 2022
Revised Critical Areas Report (PDF), prepared by Jacobs Engineering Group, dated May 26, 2022

Lead Agency: City of Auburn

Addendum to Following Document: Determination of Non-Significance, SEP20-0015, issued by the City of Auburn October 21, 2020. 

The responsible official finds this information is sufficient to evaluate the environmental impact of this proposal. 

The lead agency has determined that there are no additional impacts associated with the revised proposal and that the Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) SEP20-0015 is sufficient for this Addendum proposal under WAC 197-11-355 and WAC 197-11-625. The project revisions were reviewed for probable, significant adverse impacts and none were identified, therefore an addendum is sufficient to satisfy the city’s responsibilities under SEPA. 

Contact Person: Dustin Lawrence, AICP, CFM, Senior Planner, [email protected] or 253-931-3092