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Neighborhood FAQs
Abandoned/Inoperable Vehicles: How do I report an abandoned/inoperable vehicle in my neighborhood?
If the vehicle is on the street or shoulder of the road, please contact Parking Enforcement at 253-288-2121. If the vehicle is on private property, please contact Code Enforcement by: calling 253-931-3020 and selecting option #4, emailing code enforcement, or coming into the City's Customer Service Center at 1 E Main ST, Auburn, 2nd Floor.
Vacant Home/Property: I'm concerned about an vacant home in my neighborhood. Who should I call?
Vacant properties can create a multitude of code violations. Code Compliance Officers work hard to minimize the impact these properties have on the community. Many of these homes now belong to mortgage holders who are out of state and can be slow to respond to our requests and inquiries.
If you are observing suspicious activity or someone illegally entering a vacant home, be sure to report that to 9-1-1. Be prepared to provide an address and description of the person(s) involved.
For more information on a specific property, or to report a vacant property in your neighborhood, please contact the City of Auburn Permit Center at 253-931-3090 or by sending an email to the permit center.
Animal Complaints: How do I report stray animals and barking dogs?
If you are experiencing a life-threatening animal-related emergency, call 911. For non-emergency animal control service please call the non-emergency Police number 253-288-2121 or 253-931-3062 to speak with an animal control officer. You can also contact Animal Control via email.
Business License Requirements-Rental Properties: Are there any business license requirements if I operate my home as a rental?
Many homeowners are not aware that renting out their house requires a rental housing business license. This has been a requirement in the City of Auburn for over 10 years. Data analysis reveals that there are historically more instances of code violations and police responses to rental properties. Requiring a rental housing business license for rental properties ensures that the City has accurate contact information so that the property owner can be informed of, and correct problems on the property. If you are currently operating your home as a rental property without a business license, please contact us (via email or at 253-931-3090) and apply for a rental housing license and ensure your property is in compliance. For more information or to apply, you can also visit the Rental Housing page.
Business License Requirements-Rental Properties: Why is there more than one type and price for a rental housing business license for my home?

When it comes to renting a single family residents, there are 2 types of rental housing business licenses:

  1. Non-owner occupied single lease agreement for the entire home, or
  2. Non-owner occupied, rented through multiple, individual lease agreements, which is referred to as a communal residence

Which license you obtain depends on how you intend to rent your home. Community Development staff are available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact the Customer Service Center at 253-931-3090.

Crosswalks: There are some crosswalks in my area whose paint is fading. How do I report this?

Please use our online reporting system. If you'd like to explore the possibility of having a crosswalk installed, please contact James Webb, Traffic Engineer, at 253-804-5040 or via email if you would like information about a specific intersection in the City.

Development Activity: How can I find out about development that is occurring in my neighborhood?

If you see a yellow public notice sign on the property you will find information about the proposal on the sign as well as a QR code that will bring you to the Land Use Notification page. If you have additional questions about a project or you don't see a yellow public notice sign feel free to contact the City's Permit Center. You can email the permit center or call 253-931-3020.

Disaster Preparedness: Does the City have any resources to help us be prepared for a disaster?

Yes, the City of Auburn has an Emergency Management Division that offers free disaster preparedness presentations that focus on the hazards in Auburn and how to effectively prepare for them. They also offer a variety of hands on training and educational pamphlets. Some of these resources may be available in multiple languages. For more information about disaster preparedness please visit their webpage, email [email protected], or call 253-876-1925.

Facility/City Park Reservations: How do I reserve a City park or facility?

For information about what facilities/parks are available, visit the online facility rentals page or call the Parks, Arts & Recreation Administration Office at 253-931-3043.

Flooding: Where do I report stream or street flooding?

Please report these incidents to our Maintenance and Operations Division at 253-931-3048 during regular business hours which are Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM - 3:30 PM, excluding recognized City holidays

Graffiti: How do I report graffiti on buildings, fences, walls, etc.?

If you have suspect information: from either witnessing something or surveillance cameras, contact the police to report the graffiti and request an officer to take a report. You can call 911 or the non-emergency number at 253-288-2121.
If you don't have suspect information:

  • Use the Online Reporting system (available for Apple & Android).
  • Call the graffiti hotline at 253-931-3048 Ext. 7.
  • Please be prepared to provide photos of the graffiti.
Homelessness: I've been noticing some transients/homeless individuals. What is the City doing to address this issue?

In November 2015, Mayor Nancy Backus convened a citizen task force to address homelessness in Auburn. This task force was comprised of community leaders, service providers, citizens, faith community, police and fire, school district, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, business owners, and key city staff. We heard from a wide range of residents during the process also. 

  • Please use the Online Reporting system to report a homeless/transient camp location.

For more information about the recommendations made by the task force, view the Mayor's Task Force on Homelessness webpage.

Home Occupation: Do I need a license to operate a home business? If so, how do I get one?

Any person who engages in business activities must have a valid license issued by the City of Auburn. Please contact the Permit Center at 253-931-3020 to obtain a permit.

Illegal Dumping: How do I report illegal dumping?

Please visit the Online Citizen Reporting page to file an online report, or call Maintenance and Operations at 253-931-3048, selecting Option 8 to speak to office staff during regular business hours which are Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM - 3:30 PM, excluding recognized City holidays.

Junk (Vehicles and Debris): How do I report junk vehicles and debris on private property?

Excessive vegetation growth, garbage, litter, inoperable vehicles, junk and other debris on a property is considered a "public nuisance" and a violation of City code. Code Compliance Officers work hard to address public nuisances as these conditions affect public health and safety, and have a negative impact on property values. If you believe a property has become a public nuisance, please call Code Compliance at 253-931-3020, and select Option 4.
See Auburn City Code Title 8 on Health and Safety.

Loud Disturbances: How do I report loud music or a loud party in the City?

For evening or night hour concerns, please call the Auburn Police Department's non-emergency number at 253-288-2121. You can also contact Code Enforcement if it is something occurring during the day by emailing code enforcement or calling 253-931-3020 and choosing option #4.

Neighborhood Block Watch: How do I start a Neighborhood Block Watch?

Help monitor your neighborhood by starting a Block Watch group! If a group of your neighbors is interested in forming a Block Watch to address safety concerns in your area please do the following:

  • Create a list of interested individuals
  • Designate a Block Watch captain to act as the point of contact between your group and the Auburn Police Dept.
  • Contact Officer Aaron Williams, via email or by calling 253-288-3147, with your list and captain, to receive information about upcoming Block Watch meetings. Meetings occur quarterly and are between Block Watch Captains or Co-Captains and Auburn Police representatives. This allows for the sharing of information among citizens in addition to between citizens and police.
  • Consider joining your neighborhood on Nextdoor! Nextdoor is a free, private social network for neighbors. More than 1 in 3 neighborhoods in the US are using Nextdoor to discuss community safety, get recommendations, and much more. Visit for more information.
  • Here are some ways your neighborhood can stay connected with Auburn Police Department:
Parking On Street: How long can a vehicle (boat, car, RV) park on a residential street?

Auburn City Code: 10.36.191 Recreational vehicle parking.
"A. No person shall park any recreational vehicle on any street, alley or public right-of-way in any residential neighborhood in the city for more than 24 hours."
Please visit our online reporting system to report violations.

Pot Holes: Who do I call to report pot holes in City streets?

Potholes can be more than just a nuisance to drivers; they can actually be dangerous. Therefore, the City has a "Pothole Patrol" that will promptly fix potholes that develop on any street throughout the City. To report a pothole, please call the Pothole Patrol at 253-931-3048, or submit your request online.

Property Taxes: Who assesses my property taxes?

Your property's assessed value is determined by the King County Department of Assessments. There are several taxing districts on your property tax bill, including the City of Auburn.

Recycling: Who do I contact if I have a question about recycling?
For information about recycling, you can visit the Utilities Department webpage. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please call our Solid Waste Customer Care Specialist at 253-931-3038, Option #2 or via email.
RV Parking: Can I park (store) an RV on my property? If so, how long?
You can park an RV on your property, just like any other vehicle, as long as it is parked on an improved surface like concrete, blacktop, or gravel.
Sidewalk and Street Obstructions: Who do I call to report sidewalk vegetation overgrowth?
Please use our online reporting system or call the City's Maintenance and Operations Department at 253-931-3048 during regular business hours which are Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM - 3:30 PM, excluding recognized City holidays.
Signage: Someone ran into a street sign in my area. How do I request a re-installation of a traffic sign?
Please use our online reporting system or call the City's Maintenance and Operations Department at 253-931-3048 during regular business hours which are Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM - 3:30 PM, excluding recognized City holidays.
To see if it would be possible to get new street signage, please contact James Webb, Senior Traffic Engineer, at 253-804-5040 or via email.
Speeding: I'm concerned about speeding in my neighborhood. How do I report regularly observed speeding?
Please start by requesting an emphasis patrol by Auburn Police Department. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Request for Extra Patrol". These patrols try to mitigate the issue by educating drivers about the speed limit in the area. You can also use the Online Reporting system.
Streams and Wetlands: Where do I report work such as draining, ditching, filling or clearing in a stream or wetland?
Please contact our Code Enforcement team by calling 253-931-3020 and selecting option #4, emailing code enforcement, or coming into the City's Customer Service Center at 1 E Main St, Auburn, 2nd Floor.

If you would like to talk to someone about a potential project in or around a wetland, please call 253-931-3020 or visit us at the Customer Service Center, 1 E Main St, and ask to speak to a City Planner.
Street Lights: How do I report a burned out street light?
Please use our online reporting system or call the City's Maintenance and Operations Division at 253-931-3048 during regular business hours which are Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM - 3:30 PM, excluding recognized City holidays.
To see if it would be possible to get a new street light installed, contact Scott Nutter, Traffic Operations Engineer, via email or 253-804-5068.
Utility Bill Payment: Where can I pay my utility bill?
The City of Auburn provides the following services depending on your address: sewer, solid waste and recycling, storm drainage, and water. For information about setting up service call 253-931-3038. For information about paying your bill, visit the Utilities Department webpage or call 253-931-3038, Option #1. Bills can also be paid in person at the Customer Service Center Utilities Department at 1 E Main Street on the 2nd Floor.

Other FAQ Pages:

*Please note that information provided on this FAQ page is general City information/regulations. Depending on if you have an HOA, there may be additional rules/regulations in place. Please contact your HOA with any questions about those.