Adults (Ages 18+)


Health & Fitness

Yoga for Weight Loss
Lose weight with a regular yoga practice focused on toning muscles, strengthening the core, and improving flexibility. (This class is not included in the Fitness Membership). Mondays, January 27-March 9.  7:00-8:00 PM. $62/$78.

Tai Chi Beginners Workshop 
This 8-week class will teach the foundations of Tai Chi for beginners. It prepares participants for the weekly Tai Chi class that is offered on Fridays at 10:30. Tai chi promotes improved balance and posture, and prevents falls. This class requires registration. Mondays, January 27-March 3.  10:00-

Wellness Workshops

    man meditating
  • Brain Boosters - A healthy brain is the goal of everyone. In this Brain Booster workshop we will discuss what it takes to renew your brain for life. You will learn what accelerates brain aging and how to stop the progression. We will cover important lab work that can tell you critical information about your brain health, and what you can do to boost your brain power in effective lifelong ways. Tuesday, December 10, 6:00-7:00 PM.  $12/$15.

Arts & Crafts

The MakerSpace offers a myriad of classes throughout the year! Learn how to use fun new technology to create wonderful gifts, keepsakes, arts & crafts. Check out the MakerSpace page for more details.


Auburn Parks, Arts & Recreation also offers various sport leagues through the year, allowing you to get active and have fun in a group and team setting.