Pianos on Parade

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Pianos on Parade is an annual, temporary art and music project for the public to enjoy throughout Auburn. Each of the pianos on display during the month of August, have been given a new exterior via artist modification. The public is encouraged to visit and play a tune (anything from Chopsticks to Chopin), on any or all of the Pianos on Parade.

New locations will be posted in August of 2019.

For information on the Pianos on Parade program, contact us at

Current Inventory

Steam Punk Piano Theme: This Steampunk piano is an interpretation of how people in the Victorian era would have seen the future. Use of brass, copper, gears and pressure gauges transform this piano into a mechanical wonder.

Artist: Chris Telford is an artist and jewelry instructor at Auburn High School.

Lantern Piano

Theme: Inspired by the 1920s German silent horror film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, artist team Michael Taskey and Theresa Taskey Uttecht use glow in the dark paint, carved wood and solar powered lights to make this piano truly a work of art.

Artist: Michael Taskey and Theresa Taskey Uttecht

Happy Trees Piano Theme: "Happy Trees" is inspired by nature with pop art influences. The green mounds are trees with various emotions to provide a whimsical and fun environment. The piano design was created using a technique similar to decoupage.

Artist: Fin'es Scott is a Seattle based artist that creates happy, youthful art in a variety of mediums and enjoys creating works that make people smile. She studied design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and lived in NYC for many years working in the fashion industry before returning to Seattle to further her artistic goals.

Mary Ellen PianoTheme: Inspired by the majestic view from Auburn's Centennial Viewpoint Park, artist Mary Ellen Bowers created an torn paper collage from this impressive overlook. Using hand-painted paper, Mary Ellen recreated the view of Mt. Rainier and the park's sculpture "The Long Look" (by Brad Rude.)

Artist: Mary Ellen Bowers - Mary Ellen Bowers delights in discovering new ways to depict the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Known primarily for her unique mosaics of used plastic credit-cards and gift-cards, Mary Ellen enjoys exploring the limits of unconventional art-making.

Penny Piano
Theme: In tribute to street performers, anyone can play the piano for tips

with this penny covered piano that has the tip jar built right in!

Artist: Kelsey D’Andrade