Art on Main

Art on MainA program of the City of Auburn, Art on Main is Auburn's newest art exhibition space. Artists are selected through an annual application process to install 3-dimensional or multi-media art installations in a public window-front exhibition space in downtown Auburn. The program offers a $1,000 artist stipend to support the creation of new work and site-specific projects, or the installation of existing work. Art on Main is located on East Main Street between N. Division St. and Auburn Avenue.

For information on this art opportunity visit our Call To Artists page.

2019 Exhibitions

Abigail Kinney Maxey - January 12 - April 7
“Entwine Entangle Entrance” by Abigail Kinney Maxey will be a lightweight sculptural installation created from weaving reed into a intricate sculptural form that transforms the gallery space. Transformed at night with neon lights, the piece will be experienced differently day and night during this winter exhibition.

Artwork by Abigail Kinney Maxey

Thendara Kida-Gee - April 20 - July 7
“Through the Trees to the Mountains” is a free standing installation by artist Thendara Kida-Gee. Inspired by Leo Tolstoy's quote: "One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken." Kida-Gee developed a “forest” of artistically created trees.  Mountains create a backdrop as well as additional sculptural depth to the space.

"Through the Trees to the Mountains" by Thendara Kida-Gee.

Angie Hinojos Yusef - July 20 - October 6
Artist Angie Hinojos Yusef will be creating an installation piece titled “1894,” centered around the subject of the historic Auburn Neely Mansion, which has ties to pioneer families, the farming community, and to immigration. The mansion is a landmark in Auburn, and it has experienced prosperity, decline, and renewal, becoming a rallying point for community.

1894 - an installation by Angie Hinojos Yusuf

Becky Frehse - October 20 - January 5, 2020
Artist Angie “Fiddle Woods” will be a mixed-media installation by Tacoma artist Becky Frehse that includes assemblages of natural wood branches, musical instruments, found objects, ceramic parts, and lighting to suggest a forest engaged in a musical concert through color, gesture, and light.

Artwork by Becky Frehse