Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Periodic Update

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Introduction and Overview

The City of Auburn is undertaking a periodic review of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP). The Shoreline Management Act (SMA) requires each city and county with “shorelines of the State” to prepare and adopt an SMP that is based on State laws and rules but tailored to the specific geographic, economic, and environmental needs of the community. The City’s SMP was initially adopted in 1974 in response to a 1972 State mandate, and had its last major update in 2009. The SMA requires the City to perform a periodic update in response to changes in State laws and rules since the last update (2009); this update is due by early summer 2019.

In Auburn the SMP regulates all development within 200 ft. of the “ordinary high water mark” of the Green and White Rivers (termed “shorelines of the State”), wetlands that extend outward from these Rivers, along with floodways and their contiguous floodplains; otherwise referred to as being within the “shoreline jurisdiction”. Regulation and administration of the SMP is a shared jurisdictional responsibility between the City and the WA State Department of Ecology (Ecology). 

Shoreline Environment Designations Map
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SMP Environment Designations

Proposed Schedule for the Update (click to enlarge)

Shoreline Update Timeline

Ways to Get Involved

This webpage will be the main portal for information relating to the SMP update. In addition, the City will be holding an open house (date to be determined), public hearings with the Planning Commission, and outreach on social media, local news media, etc. As required by the mandate, a Public Participation Plan (PDF), has also been prepared.

Comments may be submitted at any time to Thaniel Gouk, Senior Planner, via email or by mail to 25 W. Main St., Auburn, WA 98001.

Helpful Documents and Links

Planning Commission Documents